Friday, August 27, 2010

long day

Gabe had outpatient surgery today. He had an orchidopexy (procedure to decend testicle and close hernia from ascended testicle) and they did a bronchoscopy to make sure his airway was still strong and growing well. Everything went great. He'll be in some pain for awhile and there is definitely some bruising, but he's been in a good mood overall. It was hare to hand him over. Even though it was a minor outpatient procedure, Gabe has been having major stranger danger and cries whenever mom or dad passes him off to someone else. Plus, I just hate that surgical waiting room. The lady that announces names when the doctor is ready to talk to you is very sweet, but her voice just brings back heart surgery memories and my stomach twists into a big knot. Other than that, Gabe is still doing well. Feeding is about the same. As far as motor skills, Gabe loves standing. We're working on going from seated to standing. He still hates being on his stomach and crawling. As far as speech goes, we've finally started getting some "b" sounds. We had a fundraiser for Gabe's Buddy Walk team on Monday night at Hofbrauhaus. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. It was nice to see so many friends and family. 15 more days till the Buddy Walk!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't you just want to eat him up?

The Buddy Walk is less than 1 month away. Sign up now to walk and/or donate to Gabriel's Angels. If you are busy on 9/11, join us at Hofbrauhaus on 8/23 for Gabe's fundraiser. We have a long way to go to match last year's total. Tell your friends!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

horses, horses, horses

Gabe is doing well. We've been really busy lately with all the comings and goings of summer. I started making baby food for Gabe. I'm adding olive oil and butter to foods to help bulk Gabe up. He likes the stronger flavor. He definitely likes the fruits. The vegies are hit or miss. He spits the chicken at me, but pureed chicken is pretty gross. He's getting use to the different texture and I feel like he's gained a ton of weight this past month. Thin liquids are still a slow process. We have a new speech therapist covering while our's is on maternity leave. She's really good and commented on how happy she was with Gabe's communication. We're not getting the sounds that require your lips to go together (m, p, b), but we are pretty much getting all others. The best thing is that Gabe has a conversation with you. He'll make noises back and forth and take turns with talking. He'll study the movement of your mouth and try to mimic it. He gets very proud of himself when you tell him what a big boy he is. We're working on standing and he gets better everyday. He is able to do it with very minimal support for a couple seconds. He's still not a fan of crawling. Today was the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati's family picnic. Gabe loved the swing. They even had pony rides.