Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's missing from this picture?

...look closely
That's right! All this stuff!
Gabe is off oxygen at night! The sleep study in July showed that he was growing out of his apnea. His oxygen saturations are great. He looked great today at his doctor's visit and the Pulmonologist said it was time to take him off. What great news! They will do another sleep study in July just as a screening. Gabe also had a hearing test today and he passed. While he was the lower end of normal (especially in his left ear), his hearing still came out okay with the tubes in place. He has a little wax that the ENT will have to get out at our next appointment, but it's good to know he can hear us. At dinner tonight, Gabe was signing more for food and reaching for his sippy cup. While he still isn't crawling, he's starting to pivet on his belly some and be less opposed to pushing up, shifting his weight and reaching for stuff....I feel good things are coming our way. Go Gabe Go!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pictures from the past 2 weeks

Very sunny day. Garden of Hope, Covington, Ky overlooking downtown Cincinnati. Gabe liked the view.
Swim Class

Look mom I'm a fish!

Halloween costume #2 - R2D2

Pumpking painting...mmmmm corn syrup and food coloring

Han solo, Princess Laya, and R2D2 (the yoda costume was better)