Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Boy, Big School

Gabe is doing well overall with school. He did get smart last week and has started to cry when we leave. He gets over it pretty quickly though. He is also eating slightly better. He is playing more and seems less shy with the other kids. They have circle time, arts and crafts, social studies, and gross motor. Today he developed a fever during the day. Poor guy isn't feeling well. At first I thought maybe it was his canines finally coming thru, but it got up to 100.5 which is high for him, so I think he has a bug of some sort. He refused lunch today so I'm thinking maybe his throat is soar. As long as he has Tylenol on board he is okay. Hopefully he gets over it soon. He is "talking" alot more. He is mimicking lots of sounds and is doing really well with his flashcards lately. I'll have a more detailed update next week on all the fun stuff Gabe is doing...he will be 2 next Friday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and School

Gabe started school this week. He is attending Redwood's Early Childhood Development Program. For those who do not know, Redwood is a school here in NKY that provides a developmental enriched curriculum from newborn to preschool, to afterschool programs, to their adult center. The program integrates typical and special needs children into the same classroom. All of their teachers have degrees in early childhood education and they have many therapists who work there. We are so fortunate to have this available for Gabe. All of his therapists thought it was time for him to be around other kids to help motivate him to want to walk and drink from a cup. He is in a Mon, Wed, Fri program. Last week went well. He didn't really cry when we left. He had been napping well and all the teachers said he is doing well overall. Problem is, he won't eat for them. He did better Friday, but overall, not so hot. I'm unsure if it is b/c the teachers need to push him a little more, and not tolerate him spitting out food, or if all the other kids are just distracting him. I know there will be an adjustment period, so hopefully he picks things up this week.
In other news, Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there! My dad and Justin are wonderful fathers and Gabe and I are very lucky.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's hot, hot, hot!

I think we just skipped spring and went straight to summer. I feel like I am sweating all the time...maybe it's just pregnancy hormones. We are doing well. Lots of summer stuff going on....the zoo, the park, the baby pool. Gabe started finally pulling up to stand last week. You may have noticed him wearing orthotics in my last post. Gabe has delayed motor skill for a couple different reasons:
1. Kids with Down Syndrom tend to have poor tone and it requires alot of strength to flex those muscles to get them working. This is why Gabe can pretty much bend in half. Poor tone in his facial muscles is also part of the reason it is difficult to get him to drink. 2. Gabe has hip flexion and can extend the ligaments in his hip. This basically means his joints are wobbly and he can do the splits no problem. I think his calling may be to become a yoga instructor. 3. Gabe was really sick early on and was restrained on his back for the early part of his life while his heart healed. Not having tummy time sets you back some. Don't worry...he'll get there! It's just a slow process. His orthotics are really helping him have stability in his ankles. It's exciting to see the progress. We also learned another trick from out PT: take a cloth hair band (the thick kind) and figure 8 it around his legs and pull it up to this thighs. It really helps with the hip flexion. Hopefully the cruising will come next.
We have introduced Gabe to the potty. We don't have any huge expectation, but we put him on it about once a day and he's gone on it about 4 times...he gets very's a start.