Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm so excited about being a big brother!

We found out Monday we are having a girl. The fetal echo and ultrasound all looked great...sigh of relief. Bring on the pink!

Monday, July 18, 2011


We took Gabe to the Newport Aquarium this weekend. He seemed to really like it. It's been so hot, it's nice to have indoor things to do. On Saturday night we also had a barbque/card party in Gabe's honor. We now have $300 in donations for Gabe's Buddy Walk. We have such great friends.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Gabe!

Gabe turned 2 on Friday. We had some family over on Wed and Fri for dinner and cake. Gabe also brought cupcakes to school on Friday and all the kids sang Happy Birthday. He's had a great week.

At two-years-old, Gabe can:

Eating: Yes, we still have the Gtube. Yes, we recently had to increase feeds b/c of some weight loss. Yes, Gabe still doesn't like to drink from a cup. However, Gabe is eating two year old food. He eats Gerber Graduate meals. He eats, regular oatmeal, spaghetti, cinnamon toast, grilled cheese, peanut butter crackers, hamburger, steamed veggies, rice, fish, etc. His jaw tires out from chewing, so we're working on volume, but I am happy we are getting away from soft foods only.

Walking: Gabe likes the Orthodics we got back in the spring. They help stabalize his ankle. He is able to pull up from sitting to standing. He is able to stand with the support of holding on with just one hand. Sometimes you can let go for about 3 seconds and he'll balance. He still does not want to crawl. He dives to the floor on his belly, stretches out, and then pushes up to sitting. He is able to move all over the house this way. Just today we put up some baby gates b/c he's getting so fast. He still walks in his walker. He also walks while we hold his hands. We have Physical Therapy 6x/month. We are really working on bending his knees to help with cruising and prevent the tin man walk.

Talking: Gabe knows about 25 signs now. He is also putting them together (ie: "Help with book please"). It's pretty amazing how much he understands and is able to communicate. He does all the motions to "Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Twinkle" and does some to "Itsy Bitsy Spider". Gabe has said "mom" and "dad" and "bye" for awhile, but it is much more purposeful now. Just this week he also started saying "book" k and all, blue, and he tries to say mirror, orange and yellow. Gabe also knows animal sounds for cow, sheep, duck, and he made up one for a scary monster.

Fine Motor: Gabe points at pictures in a book. We are working on him pointing in the air at an object. He is able to point to his hair, ears, mouth, nose, belly, fingers, feet, legs, and is hit or miss with eye. He is getting better with coloring. He'll hold a crayon now and tap it on a paper for awhile before he throws it. He also pokes at playdo.

Potty training: It's still a little early for any boy to really be potty trained, however, we are introducing it without any pressure. Gabe signs diaper when we ask him if he needs to be changed. We're working on him signing potty when he goes. We sit him on his little potty about once a day and he thinks it's fun. He's gone about 5 times on the potty the past month. I'm not pressing it b/c with the new baby coming in Nov., it probably isn't the best time to really push it.

I think that's it for updates. Gabe continues to amaze us everday. He's quite the toddler now...attitude and all. It's exciting to see him grow. Happy Birthday buddy!