Sunday, June 24, 2012

30 years young

I turned 30 last weekend. Justin and I ate at a fancy restaurant and stayed at a hotel downtown. It was such a nice time. Special thanks to my parents for taking the kids overnight. Date nights are necessary sometimes. My 20's were great and taught me a lot about love, loss, and who I am. I think my 30's are going to be pretty great too though. We met with kenton county for gabe's ARK meeting this past week. We wrote his IEP. We are happy with the amount of therapy he will be receiving and we didn't have too many disagreements which was nice. We are enjoying our summer. Alyssa sat up by herself for the first time today. Gabe is starting to play with her more. I had them both with me at the grocery this morning. I got one of the huge carts with the car on the front and the side by side seats in the back. Gabe didn't want to sit in the car. He wanted to sit in the side by side seat next to Alyssa. At one point he even had his arm around her and said "shopping, grocery store, Kroger, Alyssa" as if he was telling her where we were. So cute. They refused to smile in this pic. Gabe's eating coffee cake and Alyssa looks kinda stunned, but you get the jist.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sam and Susie's Wedding

My brother Sam got married this past weekend. Gabe and I were both in the wedding. Gabe did so good. He held my hand and walked down the isle. The kids had a great time this weekend and it was so nice seeing all the family. We've been busy working on preschool stuff for Gabe. We will be writing his IEP with Kenton County next week. Gabe will also be finishing up First Steps when he turns 3 next month and we will have to come up with a new therapy plan. He will continue to get OT at Redwood. We are thinking of adding in a PT program this summer and then starting up weekly PT at Redwood in the fall. All this will be on top of school based therapy in the classroom. It's alot to think about. Alyssa is cute, but boy is she dramatic. She doesn't like to nap and has been throwing fits going to bed. She also thinks she's hungry all the time and then she over eats. She's so cute, but she's a handful in her own way as well. I'm excited for the summer with both kids. K