Friday, December 28, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012


Gabe was transferred out of Icu today and he is now on a respiratory unit. Unfortunately because he is in isolation for RSV, visitors are still limited. He is on 1L of regular oxygen now. He needs to be off oxygen for 4 hours to go home. He is wheezing a little and breath sound are slightly diminished, so they gave him a breathing treatment and we're trying to get him out of bed a least as much as we can with him tethered to leads. I think he's done with this place. He keeps telling me "ready to go home". Whenever anyone with scrubs on walks in the door he yells "all done".
It's hard being here over Christmas. At least the kids don't totally get it yet. I think Christmas on the 26 th will be just fine. Justin stayed overnight with Gabe. He was woken up at 5am by an adult crying hard in the next room.  We are lucky compared to many families here. We were talking yesterday that at least it's not heart failure.  At least it's just a bad bug and we know he'll be okay..perspective I guess. We are very blessed.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Update from ICU

Gabe is doing a little better today. He is still on high flow oxygen, but they are slowly weening it down. The nasal swab they did yesterday confirms that he has RSV. He ate a little bit today. Still refusing to drink. Slight fever, but nothing major. It will just take some time and oxygen support to get him over this. Got some smiles from him.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Gabe started with a cold tues afternoon. He had a fever and was coughing some. On wed he started to retract a little and work a little harder to breathe. He was wheezing some. Took him to the pediatrician who gave him a breathing treatment and ruled out pneumonia. Continued to use inhaler and watch him close. Thursday he started retracting a little more and just wasn't getting better. Into Friday he started breathing really fast and were no longer able to stay on top of it. Brought him to the Ed. They gave him some breathing treatments. He eventually needed oxygen and that bought us an admission. After 5 hours in the emergency room they sent us to the floor. He was refusing to eat. We began giving lots of fluid through his gtube to keep him hydrated. His breathing became more labored and very fast. It was as if he wasn't responding to the oxygen. I was very worried. Icu came and looked at him and immediately transferred him to their unit. He is on high flow oxygen which is just oxygen with extra pressure to help keep the airway open. They also started an IV to keep him hydrated. His labs are much better.  He is still breathing fast, but it is less labored and he is acting more like himself. Not sure if this is a cold or flu. Either way, it made his narrow floppy airway very unhappy. Really praying he is better by Christmas and that Alyssa doesn't get it.