Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kindergarten here we come

Gabe is all signed up for kindergarten in the fall. We had his IEP transition meeting last week. I couldn't be more happy with his soon to be elementary school.  He will have to transfer schools after preschool this year, but he will still be in the same school district.   His OT and PT will remain the same.  His new teacher seems great, and the special ed teacher seems like she has really great ideas. The principal is on board with helping us anyway she can.  They are going to start by pulling Gabe out into a special ed classroom for 20 minutes twice a day and see if they can decrease that amount over the course of the school year.  I want him to be integrated as much as possible unless he is having issues focusing. It is really important to us that he socializes with his peers.  The meeting went really smoothly, and they do not seemed very overwhelmed by his special needs it all.  I'm feeling really good about next year. It's such a relief to know we have a good plan for him moving forward.  I made a book about Gabe on shutterfly that I shared with all of his up-and-coming school staff. It talks about what he does well and what he needs help with. They really seemed impressed by it and I think it helped them see beyond the written profile.  I will be requesting another meeting after the first report card to touch base with the group and make sure nothing needs to be modified. Hopefully I'll be happy with things then like I am now.
My little boy is growing up.  Gabe is really rocking the playground lately. He's all over the place climbing at the park. It's great to see.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's been awhile

Our family has been very busy for the past couple months. Winter seemed to last forever around here. It's finally getting a little bit warmer and the kids are able yo play outside some. We made it through the winter without any hospitalizations.   Gabe was officially diagnosed with asthma, and did have a bought with walking pneumonia, but we made it through cold and flu season without any major scares.  Justin was really busy last month with work, but has calm down some.   I was out of town for a couple days at a nursing conference in Las Vegas for a presentation, but my workload is easing some now as well.  Gabe is all signed up for kindergarten in the fall. We have his IEP meeting for transitioning next week.  Alyssa is so cute lately. She's officially potty trained and want to do everything herself.  We have started some behavior therapy with Gabe to help complete the potty training process with him, along with some assistance with cooperating when it comes to difficult tasks i.e. handwriting scissors jumping, etc.  Justin's mom and Bill got married last weekend. It was a great day. We're taking the kids to an Easter egg hunt this weekend. I'll be sure to post more pictures frequently.