Monday, January 19, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

...and a happy New Year.

Happy holidays! We've had a great November and December. Christmas was so fun this year with two little ones. They were so excited and had so much fun. Gabe has had lots of follow-up appointments this fall and winter so far. He started out December getting new ear tubes. He's been quite chatty ever since, so I really think he's hearing better. Pulmonary ordered another sleep study for the spring. This is just a maintenance check to make sure his apnea is still diminishing. He got his first echo in two years with cardiology. They still don't hear a murmur, but his tricuspid valve has a greater leak in it than last year. This is slightly concerning. Still no need to start medication or talk about any further repair, but they are going to watch a close next year. I hate hearing this, but hopefully there will be no change on next year's echo. We switched from G.I. to feeding clinic and terms of Gabe's weight and eating management. This has been a really helpful switch for us. The feeding clinic diagnosed Gabe with two issues around eating. First, Gabe has a weak bite. It's harder for his muscles to chew, so if his caloric demand increased and he needed to eat more, it was harder for us to try to keep up with the work. The second issue he has is food unawareness. This means that when he has food in his mouth, sometimes he doesn't quite realize it's there and loses track of it. Both of these issues make eating more work. More work plus the demand to eat more calories to gain weight causes him to shut down some. We are going to keep working with this team closely to develop strategies to make eating more fun and for him to know that mealtime can be more efficient and less work. Gabe also had an evaluation at the Down syndrome clinic like he does every year. He is sort of all over the map in his abilities. He's around a two-year-old level when it comes to find motor and gross motor tasks however he is closer to a four-year-old level with some speech tasks. Either way, he is continuing to make really great progress. In the past year he has mastered going up and down stairs, feeding himself more, making basic letter formations, using ING words, and asking in complete sentences, etc. Here's to a new year and exciting things to come. My New Year's resolution this year is to keep up with Gabe's therapy and try not to get discouraged. I need to stay with it and stay positive realizing that it's a marathon not a sprint. Justin and I are also planning to take some time for ourselves and to go out on a date every other month or so. Happy 2015!