Saturday, August 13, 2016

7 year old update

Gabe turned 7 years old last month. His birth feels like just yesterday, but so long ago at the same time. Here's the update on all things Gabe. 

Medical stuff - Gabe got his 6th set of pe tubes this summer. The tubes help keep his ear canals open so he hears well, and therefor has better speech articulation. He had a sleep study this summer which showed just very mild sleep apnea. His tonsillectomy last year really helped him. He no longer has to wear oxygen at night. We go to cardiology in november for his annual echocardiogram. Ophthalmology says his prescription is unchanged. We got him bigger glasses since he outgrew his old pair. He still takes them off some, but is overall much more compliant. 

Feeding - Gabe still has his feeding tube. He is drinking much better this summer. He drinks 20-25oz/day by mouth. He needs to get closer to 40. He still takes baby sips b/c he guards his airway b/c it is "floppy" (poor tone). A lot of it is just confidence and behavior. Eating is going okay. We still see feeding clinic monthly. We have begun again putting demands in place before he can get up from the table while still giving him a choice. For example "you need to eat 3 bites of chicken and 4 more bites of green beans before you can get up from the table. Which bite do you choose next?".  Some days are better than others. He has also lost 6 teeth now, so he has to chew with his back molars, which is harder. He is finally over 40 lbs now and has grown 2" in height this year, so that is a positive. 

Therapy - Gabe continues to see 4 therapists/week. Speech works on reading comprehension, and spacial orientation. Gabe still stutters and repeats some to give himself time to plan out what he wants to say. If you stay patient, he will get all the words out. OT is working on handwriting without a model. He's also made great strides with dressing/undressing.  PT has been improving as well. It is still not Gabe's preferred task, but he's not shutting down. He can finally jump!  Stairs are getting easier for him. He doesn't want to ride his bike on concrete...a gym floor is easier, but we're working on it. Looking into some options for different orthotic support to help Gabe run. He likes to roll his ankles which doesn't give him much stability to balance on and spring off of for running. Behavior therapy is continuing to work on staying on task with homework and demands. Gabe is into his responsibility chart and chores have become routine. 

School - Gabe will begin his second year of first grade this fall. We're using his late birthday to his favor. He had a great year last year, so I think having the strong foundational year will put him in a really great place. He is reading incredibly well. It's exciting to see. 

Alyssa - she's such a joy. Sassy yet kind. She starts at an official preschool in 2 weeks. 

Summer pictures